New Clients Fact Find

This page is for new clients of Clifford Osborne.  Existing clients should visit this page – Existing Clients – Fact Find.

In advance of your initial meeting with Paul Clifford, we require you as discussed to fully complete both parts of our client fact find – see below and click on the link for Part 1. After completing Part 1, you will be redirected automatically to the second part. You can also return to this page and use the link below to access Part 2.

The information you enter is not passed to any third party and is for the sole use of Clifford Osborne and remains strictly confidential and will be encrypted and securely transmitted

You need to complete both parts of the form:

NOTE: Each form has a “Save and Resume Later” link at the bottom if you’d like to start it now and continue at a later date. You will be emailed a link so you can pick up where you left off.

Why do you ask so many questions ?

The process of providing financial advice may seem simple, but it is the result of carefully gathering and harvesting the right information and is achieved through the completion or updating of a data capture fact find. The fact find will help us to identify what is relevant to meet your needs and helps to prioritise any action needed to ensure good client outcomes.

Please ensure the information you provide is accurate, complete and up to date . If you provide us with incomplete or inaccurate information, this can be detrimental to any initial recommendations and we want to be sure any recommendation is suitable to meet your needs and in your best interest.