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Pension Transfer Specialist

Paul Clifford is a Pension Transfer Specialist and IFA based in Eastbourne, East Sussex. His area of expertise is pre and post retirement planning and he provides pension transfer advice to clients in Bexhill, Lewes, Hastings, Crowborough, Uckfield, Seaford and Newhaven, Tunbridge Wells, Brighton and Hove as well as further afield outside East Sussex. To arrange a free initial discussion at your home, workplace or our offices contact us today.

A pension transfer from a defined benefit (salary-related) pension scheme means giving up your benefits in the scheme in return for a cash value, which is invested in another pension scheme.

If you decide to transfer out of your workplace defined benefit pension scheme, the trustees must convert the benefits you’ve built up into a cash sum, called a pension transfer value (also known as a cash-equivalent transfer value or CETV).

A pension transfer value analysis (TVA) will be carried out to compare the benefits being given up from a defined benefit pension scheme with those that could be offered by a personal pension scheme.

With our pension transfer advice we will ensure that you understand and fully consider the cash payment or enhanced transfer value when comparing against the benefits you will be potentially giving up.

Incentives to change scheme benefits are also becoming more common. For example, you might be asked to give up increases above the statutory minimum after you retire in return for a higher flat rate pension within the scheme. This is called a pension increase exchange or pension increase conversion and requires careful consideration of what is being given up.

As independent specialists in pension transfer advice in East Sussex we can help you to make the right choices.


  • Compare the benefits you may be giving up if you transfer out of your employer’s scheme with the benefits you may get if you transfer into a new employer’s scheme or a personal/stakeholder pension
  • Check the level to which your employer’s pension scheme is funded, the risk that your benefits may be reduced, and the effect on any transfer value offered
  • Check the difference between defined benefit and defined contribution arrangements
  • Understand the advantages and disadvantages of each arrangement
  • Discuss your decision with your spouse or civil partner as it could affect them too.

Not all employer pension schemes, personal pensions or buy-out contracts accept the transfers, so check first and always seek professional independent financial advice.

We are able to provide:

  • Transfer Value Analysis Systems (TVAs) reports for defined benefit schemes
  • Pension Sharing Reports
  • Annual & Lifetime Allowance calculations and reports

We offer in addition to defined benefit (salary related) contracts advice on the following types of pension arrangements:

  • Final Salary Pension Transfer
  • Occupational Pension Transfer
  • Section 32
  • Executive Pension Plans
  • SASS Armaments Small Self-Administered Pension Schemes
  • Individual Pensions with Safeguarding Benefits

The price of units and the income from them can fall as well as rise. The value of this investment is not guaranteed and on encashment you may not get back the full amount invested. Past performance is no guarantee to future performance. 

Paul is highly professional and well informed. He is very efficient and takes all the worry out of financial planning by giving clear options to aid our decision making and then taking forward associated actions promptly, keeping us informed at all times. He is very focused on tailoring his advice to suit us based on our aspirations for the future - he clearly does not believe in a one size fits all which is a great asset in your financial planning advisor.


Eastbourne, East Sussex

With the change in government rules regarding pensions, I noted that mine were not growing as they should. At 55 I wanted to make sure I was getting the best I could over the next 10 or 11 years. With news about pension investments disappearing with criminals I ran several checks on Clifford Osborne which all came up clean, so I decided to proceed. Paul visited me several times and explained my options in great detail easing me through the piles of paper financial advisors are forced to provide. It a lot to take in, but he patiently made recommendations which I took. My frozen pensions are now merged into a single account within a month grew to cover all fees. All safely in a good account and growing nicely. I can see it all on-line whenever I choose.

Daimon H

East Sussex

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