Paying for Care

There are a number of options available for paying for care. To arrange a free initial discussion at your home, workplace or our offices contact us today.

Own Income/Self-funding

You may receive sufficient income from pensions and existing investments or rental income from your home to pay for your care.

Family Contribution

In some cases your family will be able to help cover the cost for you.

Savings Accounts

This includes deposit accounts, Cash ISA’s and National Savings. Low risk and as a result you will have to hope the interest generated is sufficient and your capital does not get eroded too quickly.


There are many possibilities for investing your money from investment bonds to equity funds. It’s worth remembering that potentially the most profitable could also be the most volatile – the value of any capital invested may go down as well as up. With equity based investment the investment time horizon is crucial to help minimise the potential for downside risk.

Long Term Care Plans

These are specialist insurance plans that in return for a one off capital lump sum payment on a pre-agreed basis based on your age health and lifestyle. If the income is paid directly to a Quality Care Commission registered care provider, it’s paid free of tax.
Two long term insurance products are:

The main benefit of a Long Term Care Plan is that is can provide you with peace of mind and reassurance or continued payments for life. This certainty must be balanced against the risk of premature death and the person in care dies early, the capital used to purchase the annuity may not be returned in part or at all.

“Paul has a very friendly approachable personality. He put us at ease right away and was very good at helping us understand things we found were way over our head He did not make us feel uncomfortable and awkward as we had with our previous adviser. He explained things in a simple manner which we gratefully appreciated. I would take great pleasure in recommending Paul to anyone who needs advice.”

Carol, Polegate, East Sussex

Your Advice Steps

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Contact Us

Call us on 01323 403 444 or contact us to set up a free initial meeting with one of our financial advisers or mortgage and equity release advisers. We’re happy to meet in person, on the phone or online. Just let us know what you prefer.

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Get to know you

This will be a chat to find out a bit more about you, what your financial position and goals are and how we can help. This will be entirely confidential, and you are under no obligation to use our services. We will then give you a plan of what we can do to help.

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Sharing your plan

Our advisers will talk through our recommended plan with you giving options to best meet your needs. We will take into account your current financial situation, your goals, appetite to investment risk and timeframes. You will have a chance to ask us any questions and then decide whether you want to go ahead.

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Regular reviews

Your financial position will change throughout your lifetime. We are here to help you with regular reviews to make sure your financial plan meets your financial goals and current financial situation. We’ll agree with you when and how we meet on a regular basis to make sure your management plan is right for you.

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